7E-A Portable Suction Machines

7E - A

  • High negative pressure, large flux, low noise.
  • It is a brand new mechanism design with suction bottle hidden inside and square negative pressure meter crust completely made of plastic.
  • This design is not only reduces the working noise but also makes it more fashionable and precise.
  • It adopts advanced overflow-protection design, which can prevent pus and mucus from leaking into the machine.
  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to carry especially suitable for emergency and outside use.

Technical Data :

Power Supply AC220V + 22V, 50Hz + 1Hz
Power > 90VA
Max Negative Pressure Value >0.075MPa
Pumping Rate >18L/min
Noise < 65dB(A)
Reservoir Volume 1000 mL, 1piece