7B Manual Suction Devices


  • Adopting single-way valve will not produce positive pressure, safe and reliable.
  • Complete Plastic plate, safe and convenient for transportation and use.
  • It can be operated without power, widely applicable.

Technical Data :

Max Negative Pressure > 0.08MPa
Negative Pressure Back-Reduction While Being Closed 0.005MPa / 10min
Reservoir Capacity 1000 ml
Pedal Pressure < 245N
Weight < 4.5 kg
7B-1 Manual Suction Devices

7B - 1

The advantage of small size, light weight, easy to carry and use, also no electricity power needed, the unit perfect for remote area, clinic in village, in home care, first aid in open country and operation without no electricity power.

Technical Data :

Max Vacuum ≥0.04MPa
Max Flow ≥20L/min
Suction Bottle Storage Capacity 200 ml
Weight 192 g